October 20th 2009 Business Meeting  @ Mabel’s restaurant

Old Business;

Christmas Party –discussion on price range for DJ. A vote was passed, to not exceed 500.00, same as last year.  (Motioned by Eric F, 2nd by Kim Lefler)

Christmas gifts - voted to not surpass a 350.00 limit for party gifts. Kris F. will talk to Vicki to see if we had any remaining gifts leftover from last year.

Salvation Army Food Drive – Roberta needs more volunteers to signup.  Roberta will contact Dave at the Salvation Army to see if he is doing any advertising of the event.  Dick Rusas is making 5000 copies of the desired food items to donate.  John L. & Lew K. will bring the trailers to the stores each morning.  We will need helpers to unload the trailers each day after 5:00 pm.

New Business;

League Bowling fliers were passed around, if anyone is interested in getting a league together out at Wilderness Crossings.

Paul Port contacted Lew, he is writing a biography on Father Fred.  He would like to talk to some old timers that might have ridden with him.

Lew  K. brought up a few suggestions that we might want to try that other Chapters are doing.

A State park ride – give a prize for the most State Parks visited.

A drawing at the end of the year – throw your membership card in a bowl, the winner gets a free membership for one year to the Chapter.

If you bring back an old member that has left the Chapter, you get a discount for your next year membership.

Culminating award system: get so many of one kind of award, turn it in for a bigger prize, and so on.

Roberta is finalizing the punch card that we are getting printed up for attendance.  A vote was made to get 500 printed, and hopefully role out this program in January 2010.

Slate of Officer’s for 2010: list of names that have agreed to do positions -

Roberta Mc Colley: Activity Coordinator.

Steve Purkiss: Assistant Director.

Lew Kirchner: Director

Sherry Purkiss: Webmaster

Jim Wrede: Head Road Captain

Brian McColley: Safety Director

Kris Fisher/ Sherry Purkiss: Father Fred Benefit Ride 2010

Sherry O’Connor will stay on for another 6 months as Editor.