June 16th, 2009

Business Meeting @ South City Limits

7:05 pm

Guests Andy Strom & Jeanette Dickerson spoke.  Andy’s dad, Duane Strom was an avid motorcycle rider, and has had a couple of serious accidents, and can no longer drive.  They are looking for motorcycle riders that could take Duane’s bike & side car out, and give Duane short rides. He is living at the Lighthouse assisted living center, past Chum’s Corners.

Not doing the poker run for Roar to Shore- only 77 have signed up for the ride.

Mike is trying to evaluate the group and the participation – seems lack luster - He is trying to figure out what direction we want the club to go in.

We need to get suggestions on how to get attendance up at meetings. Wants to get a consensus of what we are doing and what others in the group want to do. Maybe we need to call members and ask them to ride.

Mike wants to direct the group in a good direction.

Father Fred – event is going beyond what the club wants to do.

Roberta suggests ride to someone’s home and socialize

Lew – Financials are good.

Meetings: maybe make more of a social occasion.

Cris Fisher – t-shirts/ Jentees – local company screening fee $126.00 for the 7 screens (setup fee). They would like to do 72 pieces at a time. Cris will circulate the sign up sheet to be able to have extra on hand.  They have several different styles to offer.

Roberta will work on getting cards printed up for the membership cards to roll out that program in the fall.

Mike is looking for someone to be Asst. Director.

DOT helmets are required to have over in the West Branch area -it’s a $90.00 fine.

Meeting adjoined at 8:00pm