Business Meeting 7:00 pm

South City Limits


Old Business;

MDA ride in June, each Chapter is supposed to raise 2000.00 which gets 50 riders in on all the events. Rich Brown will coordinate the event with MDA.


A vote was cast to donate the monies collected from the Roar to Shore poker run to the Father Fred cause again this year.


Dick Rusas expressed concern that we should take care of our own members first due to the difficulties people are having in this depressed economy.


April’s newsletter will have a renewal form for members to fill out along with a reminder that this will be their last newsletter if they don’t send their money in.


May is motorcycle awareness month, and possibly we could get some PSA’s done on the radio stations promoting this.

Lynn Brehler will look into some advertising venues for the “Look twice, save a life” campaign.


New Business:

Tune up ride – Vicki would like to see this as a yearly event. Jim Wrede is coordinating it this year. It will be held at the Career Tech Center on 4/11/09 with a alternate date of 4/18, times to be announced


Char & Roberta are still checking into the breakfast that is held at the school before the ride to the Kalkaska Trout Festival. The school wasn’t sure if they were doing it this year.


April 2nd Chapter meeting will be held at the Father Fred building on Hastings at 7:00 pm, bring a dessert to share.


May Chapter meeting – Vicki would like a volunteer to demonstrate how to properly pick up a bike in the event you go down. Lew Kirchner has volunteered and said there is a good article in the AMA journal this month on this topic.


The dinner rides are being planned with some Two on the Town locations in mind.  7&4 also has a promotion for ½ off eats on Wednesday’s, it was suggest that maybe we could keep this in mind when planning rides. A suggestion was made to maybe coordinate Sunday rides with different motorcycle events going on in the state.


Chapter Picnic in August – vote was to have it at Jim & Vicki’s again this year, date to be announced.

Christmas Party already committed for Holiday Inn this year, next year maybe we can look elsewhere.


Mike O’Connor will get more information at POT about the State rally for this year and also the proposal that we plan to do for the 2010 rally. He hopes to have a meeting with Ben Weeks when he is out in Milwaukee at the end of March.


Brian McColley is working on coordinating the tune-up course with Jim Wrede. It will be April 11th, rain date of 4/18,

They will check at the April Chapter meeting to see if there is any interest in getting the Advanced Rider course set up for this year.


Cris Lake would like to thank Rhonda Elliot for all her efforts getting out the weekly reminders by e-mail.


Char & Roberta: Brimley is scheduled for 6/5 & 6 this year. Approxiamently 30 rooms will be held for a period of time, mention Bob O. when making reservations. The room cost will be 60.00 + tax this year.

Upcoming events; 3/21 Wilderness Crossing, 3/26 Peninsula Grill, 3/28 Euchre @ The Brown’s, 4/18 Sherman Swap Meet, 5/9 Progressive dinner


Dick Rusas has made sure that Chuck Langford has another bundle of 50/50 tickets in case he can’t attend the Chapter meeting.


Lew: Financials are okay, anytime anyone would like to see them; all they have to do is request a copy.


Adjourned 7:45 pm