January 20th 2009
Business Meeting
South City
Limits 6:45 pm


1st meeting of 2009

$697.00 for police protection fees will be taken out of 2009 Father Fred proceeds, or proceeds from this year Roar to Shore poker run.


Financially we are sound and somehow we will recoup the expense. Lew will change the expense on the books and re-classify as an accounts payable.


We were down by $1274.00 for this past year Christmas Party Currently membership is ½ of what it was at this time last year.  This usually happens, no Jan newsletter so people probably aren’t remembering that they need to re-new their memberships.


Eric was handling e-mail blast and would like to keep part of the duties, such as renewals


E-mails need to go thru Chris Lake and Rhonda Elliot as membership officers


Membership liaison is Eric Fisher


Lew Kirchner gets all new membership forms


Chris Lake & Rhonda Elliot need to update officers of all new renewals of membership Tracking new members and updating if they are renewed w/ National HOG. Birthdays need to go to the editor.


Activity survey went out in Microsoft works and needs to be sent out in MS Word along with any printed documents.


Events will go w/Activities director position. Thursday’s could just be rides and dinner rides could be on weekends.


The Road Captains are responsible for the safety of group and planning the ride route


House BBQ’s are expensive so we need to have more potlucks so the host’s don’t have so much expense.  We should always try to pass a hat so hosts are compensated. Maybe try to get more signup sheets.


The idea was brought up to have the business meetings possibly at an officer’s house.


Safety Director – 1st Responders Course - check into getting it set up early in the year or not doing it this year. Safety education last year cost the Chapter $1300.00 because we paid for 1st time Road Captains to attend. Vicki or Mike will follow up with Jim Wrede and Brain Z to see if we want to set it up again. Other options: pay ½ the expense and send them to Lansing or wherever to attend the class


POT – is coming up, put on by Harley. The cost to get there and stay is up to you. Harley provides food, drinks & training. Milwaukee is drivable and 7 officers get to go. Need to e-mail Vicki of you would like to go.


Lansing State Rally – hotel has been announced - Best Western Midway, concert is Saturday night August 27th.


Brimley – make the ride a chapter event so we don’t have a problem w/ alcohol.


Roar to Shore – June 19th & 20th


Million Mile Monday – June 29th


Webmaster – sent everyone an e-mail giving you your new e-mail address for your officer position.

Public Relations – needs to get w/ Kevin and Tara to get PR contacts. Check into PSA’s and see if print/billboards are able to do this for free. Motorcycle awareness week is in May.


Steve and Sherry Purkiss donated this year’s domain name “rideforfatherfred.com” to help facilitate the 2009 year ride for Father Fred.


Brian McColley – Try to get Safety issues to Sherry to print in the newsletter.


7:55 meeting adjourned


6:30 business meetings thru April


May will start at 7pm


Chapter Meeting starts @ 7pm 6:30 is visiting time