January 8th 2009-

Chapter Meeting

Peegeo’s 6:45 pm



Mike O’Connor Asst. Director chaired the meeting; Vicki was out of town on business.


There are several national rides on the calendar for this year:


Club HOG June 26&27th ~ Oklahoma City, OK.


American Muscle Tour July 14-19th ~ Bowling Green, KY.


Pony Express Ride Sept. 15 -24th ~ St. Joseph, MO.


Rides in our neck of the woods include:


Roar to Shore at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa June 19 & 20th. Our Chapter has been asked to organize a poker run again this year.


1St Michigan state rally will be held in Lansing August 27 – 29th


Meetings are being planned with Don, Vicki & Mike to discuss the State events that are being planned for this year to get our Chapter involved. There has been talk of possibly getting the 2010 Michigan state rally to come to Traverse City. Further research will be done to see what needs to be done to promote this idea.


POT training for this year is on the table, So far Las Vegas and Milwaukee seem to be the favorites. Any officers wishing to attend should get with Vicki or Mike so the itinerary can be finalized. 7 officers can attend POT.


New officers for this year;

Roberta McColley and Charlene Potter will share the Activities Officer position.

Rhonda Elliot & Chris Lake will share the Membership Officer position.

Dick Rusas & Chuck Langford will share Gaming Commissioner duties.

Brian McColley ~ Safety Director

Renata Wilson ~ LOH Officer

Jim Wrede ~ Head Road Captain

Lynn Brehler ~ Public Relations Officer

Kris VanDuesen ~ Merchandise Coordinator

Jeanette Sherman & Gary Potter ~Photographers


Officer Comments:

Activities/Roberta: 2009 rider survey passed out at the meeting and also e-ma

iled to the membership. They need comments & ideas for this years activities.

Ragg’s pool tournament is scheduled for 2/21/09 @ 2:00 pm @ Timberlanes.

A big thank you to Eric & Chris for opening up their home for the New Year’s Eve party, everyone had a great time.


Head Road Captain/Jim W.: He is planning a get together at his house 1st part of March for all the road captains to get together. He would like to meet everyone and start planning for this years riding season.


Webmaster/Steve P.: HD does not approve of items being sold on the website, so all advertisements were pulled from the website.


Membership Liaison/Eric F.: Membership renewals are down 65% from where they were the same time last year. An e-mail went out yesterday to all members reminding them it was time to renew their membership.


Treasure/Lew K.: financial report. Currently we are $170.00 in the red. A few large unexpected expenses occurred in Dec. (additional cost for shipping 2008 Father Fred pins 169.00 and 700.00 to the City of TC for the overtime incurred by the police department for their help with the Father Fred ride. We are currently trying to get the Father Fred Foundation to reimburse us this expense. No word from them yet as to when they will pay us back.)

Christmas party was $1200.00 out of pocket (50/50 monies and silent auction monies for this years party were both up, although attendance was down by 10 %.)


Christmas Party Chairman/John L.; he has spoken with the VFW and things will be more black & white and on paper as to what their costs are in hosting our breakfast for the Father Fred ride.


Gaming Commissioner/Dick R.:

50/50 winner $65.00 Steve DeBusschere

Classic Gift Cert winner $50.00 (carried over from last month) Steve Purkiss


Meeting adjourned 8; 00pm