August 18, 2009

Business Meeting @ South City Limits

Safety discussion: several motorcycle accidents occurred this past weekend. Brian McColley will try to write up an article for the next newsletter, stressing safe & defensive riding.

This years Chapter picnic had about 30 attendees. The weather was rainy in the morning, the afternoon cleared up.  Everyone had a good time, the highlights were Bob & Rick on their mini Honda’s doing tricks.

Sat 8/15 – Double dealership ride had only 5 bikes.  Roberta expressed her disappointment in the turn out for events.

Roberta suggested putting a suggestion box at the Christmas party to get more input on what members want to do.  Sherry O’Connor will put a side note in the newsletter that there is a suggestion box at Classic.

Kris Fisher said the 1st t-shirt order was a great success. We have only 11 left to sell. Sherry will print this in the newsletter.

Eric Fisher will be heading a ride Thursday 8/27 to Lansing. This will leave Classic at noon.

Roberta has a flier that the Maier’s sent, on the Pigeon Shoot on 9/19. Sherry will put it in the next newsletter.

John Lefler – Christmas Party – we need a band or DJ yet.  Roberta said the band at Zip’s last weekend in Gaylord was fantastic. She will get some info on that band.

Discussion on continuing the 50/50 raffle at meetings – yes.

Membership is now at 180.

Lew K/ Treasurer – we will not be charged for police protection this year for the Father Fred event. They were able to re-arrange the overtime, and not charge us this year. Mike suggested that we take some of the leftover t-shirts and give them to the police.

A check was dropped off by Allstate to Eric; it was for their 500.00 sponsorship of Father Fred.

Raggs & Paula can’t coordinate the Salvation Army event this year. Roberta & Brian McColley volunteer to head up the event.

Kris Fisher gave updates on George & Jim’ s trip to Alaska & Tom & Deb Wilden’s trip out west.

Kris suggested that we tell all members that it is important to carry identification and a person to notify in case of emergency on their person, when riding, in case of an accident.  The riders that were killed in Mesick this past weekend had no id on them.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.