March Chapter Meeting @ Peego’s

3/6/08 7:00pm


Kid Rock & Aerosmith tickets for Milwaukee – Vicki & Eric will go on line March 12th to buy tickets for any member that gets them the money by 3/11/08.


Mike O’Connor needs an official count to get the Experienced Riders course class set up at Benzie – he needs 10 to sign up.


April 12th - weather permitting the Road Captains will put on a refresher course at Benzie High School. The plan is to ride from Classic to Benzie, do the refresher course then ride to the Sherman’s swap meet party.


Accident Scene Management class is scheduled for May 31st & June 1st. Saturday will be the Advanced and Sunday the Beginners class. $45.00 Each day & can not do both.

They will need 10 people per session for this to happen.


Vicki passed around samples of the 25th anniversary pins and medallions that are available for order. Pins are $15.00 and Medallions are $30.00


Pamphlet on Motorcyclists and the Michigan No-Fault Law was passed around for all members to take a copy if they wished.


Marc spoke about the 4th Annual Celebration of Life Motorcycle Ride that is scheduled for 6/28/08. This ride raises money in support of cancer research. The ride will be posted as an activities event on our June calendar.


The Brimley hotel will start taking reservations on April 1st for the Brimley Blessing of the Bikes event on June 14th & 15th.


Tara Baesch is requesting volunteers to sign up for the planning of the Father Fred Benefit. There will be a logo contest for the design of the pin and t-shirt logo. The Chapter will vote on the final design in May.


Million Mile contest is on for the chapter – get your mileage recorded by one of the road captains so we as a Chapter can achieve this goal.


April 12th Bruce Springsteen tickets go on sale for Milwaukee in August. You must have your HOG club number to register for this.


 Membership Officer – Eric Fisher: Classic is putting on a garage party for Ladies only 4/11/08 & 4/23/08 to discuss anything they would like to know about bikes but maybe were afraid to ask.

Chapter t-shirts can be ordered thru Eric, he will need money before hand. See him at the dealership to place an order.


Editor – Sherry Jones – Going on vacation early April, will have the April newsletter out early. Needs all submissions by 3/21/08 to make the April edition.


Treasurer – Lew Kirchner – Money is a ok.


Webmaster – Steve Purkiss – getting locked up for MDA on April 10th. He is asking for support from other members to donate to the cause. Donation forms can be found on the website.


LOH – Laurie Vandermeulen – Needs $40.00 per person for the wine tour that is in April, by March 15th.

April 2nd Dinner at Mackinaw Brewing and then a movie down at the Opera house “Some like it hot”.


Activities Officer – Vicki Beam (filling in for hubby Jim) March 27th dinner at Peninsula Grill (Two on the Town stop)

Swap Meet at the Sherman’s 4/12/08 starts at 2:00pm.


Raffle winners Roberta McColley $26.00 / Richard Wilson $25.00

Classic certificate/ Tara Baesch.


Meeting adjourned.