July Business meeting /South City Limits – 7:10pm

New Business:

Thursday 7/17/08 @ 10:30am- Vicki will be interviewed by Kim Purdy for Father

Fred at Classic.

Road captains need to take sign up sheet to the events so people can sign up at the event

August – almost every weekend is booked for a picnic

Need rooms in Milwaukee for several members.

VFW was $500 for last years Chapter picnic that included food and entertainment. Vicki & Jim will offer to host the picnic this year at their home Saturday August 16th.  2pm leave Classic to ride to Vicki & Jims. Chapter will provide the main course, members asked to bring a dish to pass & BYOB.


Eric Fisher/Chapter tent – request was made by a Chapter member to use the tent at a graduation party. Vote was to keep the policy as is; only for Chapter uses.

Name tags are not in yet

Laurie/LOH – Sunday 27th destination where ever

                        August 15th LOH Friday night live

 Tara B. /Father Fred – wristbands, everyone who pays for the ride gets a band. Volunteers should park in the World Truck parking lot behind Classic. Chapter members will line their motorcycles in the front lot as usual. . Road captains will wonder thru the crowd to check wrist bands, that all have paid.

Tara spoke about the Kyle Petty ride and what a great time it was.

 Tara spoke with the Gaming Commission – 3 criteria/event has to be the same day – prize can not be over 100 – can’t hand out poker ride ahead of time

50/50 drawing on 7/20 we have a time frame issue, not enough time to count all the monies received. We will hand out 3 - $100.00 prizes, rest of the money going to Father Fred

T-shirts - price will be 15.00 each.

Kevin & Tara went to radio & TV stations today and gave out t-shirts to help promote the event.

Dick Rusas –needs volunteer to sell tickets at August meeting, Tom Wilden volunteered

Lew K – Chapter bought arm bands for road captains $523.00. Leathers by David had to buy a bigger size of leather, ended up costing more. 25 were made.

Friday 7/18 7am is the scheduled leave time to head to Muskegon. The plan is to be back early for Nancy’s attic sale and to help with putting up the tent.