February 19th 2008

Officers Meeting @ South City Limits


Meeting was called to order @ 6:35pm by Vicki Beam.

Discussion on getting vests for all Road captains- Possibly 20 needed, having road captain’s pickup up ½ of the costs. Brian will get with all road captains to see if this is acceptable. He will also check different businesses to get the best rate available.


1st Responder class looking at booking a May date for the Chapter.


Updating directory info: Eric will send out an e-mail to Chapter members telling them it is an option if they would like their addresses and professions added to their names.


Question was brought up about making sure all riders have a motorcycle endorsement on their license to ride with the Chapter. Vicki is going to talk to Ben Weeks about this topic.


It was decided to have the Health & Welfare officer send cards only to members, in the event of a family death or sickness.


Vicki appealed to all officers to step up to the plate and try and make all new members feel welcome and included in the club.


Roar to the Shore ride 1st weekend in June – discussion on whether or not the Chapter would like to plan an escorted ride for them. So far there is no interest.


Mileage incentives – trying to get Chapter members to get mileage recorded and participate in a program to get a million miles for the club this year.


Memberships – need to get all spouses/significant others enrolled as members, many are getting the benefits of the Chapter but are not currently enrolled.


Rumble bucks – Vicki asked Eric to submit the guidelines of collecting Rumble bucks in the newsletter so all members were aware of the savings they could have at the dealership.


Chapter Pins/shirts – Eric will put pictures in the newsletter as to what is available to order.


Topic of this years picnic was brought up – no decisions made as to the location or date.


Need to get the word out about the updated website and get more people to go to it for current information.


 Membership - Eric reported that we have 150 current members.


LOH – Laurie is working on an evening in March at the Opera House.


Treasurer – Lew said the Chapter is in good shape money wise.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.