April 2008 Business Meeting

Northern Chapter H.O.G.

4/15/08 @ S. City Limits


Meeting was called to order by Vicki Beam @ 6.35pm


Special guest ~ Rick Shimel with Meridan Entertainment Group

Rick was there to find out if our Chapter wanted to participate in the Roar to Shore event June 6-8 at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. It was decided that we would host a poker run for them on Saturday June 7th, starting @ Classic. The fee will be 10.00 per person, with the proceeds being donated to the Father Fred Foundation. Mike O’Connor will organize the poker run,

Rick mentioned that there will be a hospitality suite open at the Resort both Friday and Saturday nights, and all our chapter members are welcome to stop by for food and refreshments. Rick would also like to help in anyway that he can with the Father Fred ride in July. There was a discussion on having an information table for the Father Fred event set up at the Roar to Shore event for possible early registration.


Old Business:

Safety Vests for Road Captains – Brian Z. was not in attendance, no one was sure if he had found a reasonable priced vest yet.


New Business:

Hand signals ` it was suggested that we have a diagram and description of the proper hand signals printed in the newsletter.


Accident Scene Management Class May 31 & June 1st ~ Vicki said that she had hotel contacts that she knew to get a good rate for the instructor, she would get with Brian Z.


Starting with the May Business meeting ~ they will now start at 7:00pm. Road Captains meetings will start at 6:00pm.


Vicki would like to find out if anyone in the Chapter has a computer program to print business cards. She would like the officers to have business cards. Hopefully we can get some printed before we go to the Primary officer training in Las Vegas.


It was decided that Eric would contact one of the officers when a new member signed up at Classic to be in the Chapter. The officer would then call that new member and invite them to the Chapter meeting, so they didn’t feel like they were walking into a room full of strangers. Vicki made a plea to all officers to try and make all new members feel welcome and included in the club.


Membership Officer ~ Eric F.: Needs more members to signup for t-shirts, only has 50, needs 150.


Activities Officer ~ Jim B. Progressive dinner May 10th. So far two spots were arranged; Appetizers/Jim & Janet Johnson, Salads/George & Linda Reinbold.

Jim was going to get confirmation for the last two spots this week.

4/17 dinner mackinaw Brewing

4/24 dinner Sleders

4/26 Trout Festival ride

5/3 Dawg House/Cadillac – ride & lunch


LOH ~ Laurie V.: Spa night May 23rd more info to be announced.


Gaming Commissioner ~ Dick R.: Dick wondered if the Chapter paid for the 50/50 tickets that needed to be purchased to sell at the Father Fred ride in July. Yes the chapter will reimburse the expense.


Asst. director ` Mike O.: Christmas party deposit is done.

June 30th the geezer’s will schedule a ride to participate in the Million Mile Monday. There will also be a ride planned for the evening.

Mike will check with Brian Z. to see if he has the ride instruction printed for the road captains to go over at the beginning of each ride.


Treasurer ` Lew K. money is good so far.


Meeting was adjoined at 7:30pm...