October 21st Business Meeting

South City Limits 7:00pm.


Vicki just had surgery, so she was unable to attend: Mike O’Connor lead the meeting.


Raggs & Paula’s Chili Cook-off is this Saturday starting at 6:30pm.


Ragg’s will be at the next Chapter meeting to talk about the Salvation Army food drive slated for Nov.


We still need to find a DJ for the Christmas party, Ryan Dory was unavailable.


Officer’s comments:

Lew K. –The Chapter’s financial standing is good.

Eric F – He has Christmas party tickets available for purchase.

Lori V – PJ party @ Renata Wilson’s on 11/14/08.

Sherry P – we have 118 pins from 2008 Father Fred event to mail out, need input as to how we would pay the cost.

It was decided to do a trail mailing of just one in a regular envelope, if that didn’t work, we would buy the bubble envelopes and the Chapter would pick-up the cost of the mailing.


Dick R, - raised the question about doing away with the 50/50 and upping the dues by 5.00, that way all the members in the club would be responsible for raising the extra money that comes from the 50/50 drawings.

It was decided that this decision needed to be made by more chapter members, possibly at future meetings or by e-mail.


Officer’s agreeing to stay on for another year:

Eric  Fisher, Lew Kirchner, Sherry Purkiss, Steve Purkiss, Sherry O’Connor, Mike O’Connor (as Asst. Director, not safety director) Vicki Beam, Gail Gersky, Dick Rusas,


 John Lefler will coordinate the Christmas party for another year. This year’s party info needs to get in the Dec/Jan newsletter. The party starts at 6:00pm/dinner @ 7:00pm.

Hotel rooms are blocked at Holiday Inn, they are 62.00/night. Meal will be the same as last year.

Pictures are need for the slide show that Vicki is trying to put together.


Claude Gerskey brought up the fact that we need to have more people responsible for the event sign up sheets.


7:45 pm meeting adjourned.