November 18th 2008

Business Meeting

South City Limits 7:00pm



Mike O’Connor Asst. Director chaired the meeting.


Vicki has requested that members e-mail her any pictures from this years riding season, so she may include them in the slide show for the Christmas party.


Discussion on wrapping of gifts for the Christmas party was tabled until Kris VanDeusen and Eric Fisher could be present.


Vicki is looking for the certificate templates, anyone having them on their computer, should please pass along to Vicki.


Their will be no December Chapter meeting, and the business meeting will be held at the Beams on 12/16/08 @ 6:30 pm. This will be a potluck, and all old and new officers for the year are asked to attend. It will be a time for everyone to get together to share their ideas and pass the torch to any new officers taking over duties.


Euchre Parties are being planned, 1st one will be at the O’Connor’s on 1/24/09.


Tickets for the Christmas party are selling slowly; attendance is expected to be down, possibly due to the economy.


The financials were reviewed by our Treasurer Lew Kirchner:

We had additional expenses late in the year. The 116 pins that were shorted riders in the Father Fred ride cost 169.00 to mail. An invoice was sent by the police department for the overtime cost of the police presence at Sunday’s ride, this was 697.96. It went to an old mail box not used by Classic anymore, so Lew is not sure how long the invoice had been sitting.

This will be passed along to the Father Fred organization, all expenses were supposed to go thru them.


Financial standing since the end of Oct ’08:

Little less than $2100.00 in the checking account. There is about $5950.00 in the savings account.  Total income is down about 800.00 for the club, but the net is up due to fewer expenses this year. Raffle monies are down 130.00 for the year. Membership is also down. Safety training expenses were more for this year.


There will be a 50/50 drawing at the Christmas party.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.