March 18th 2008

Officers Meeting @ South City Limits


Meeting was called to order @ 6:25pm by Vicki Beam.

Old business –Road captains 1st responder course 45.00 per road captain May 31st June 1st

Vests for road captains ~ 20 road captains vests @ 12.00=240.00 Motion to have the Chapter purchase them made by Kevin Rierson/ 2nd by Brian Zionskowski.

Discussion on whether chapter pays for advanced & beginner 1st responder classes~ a motion was made to have the Chapter pay for beginner classes and 20.00 for advanced class by Lew Kirchner and 2nd by Kevin Reirson.

Paul Jarbo checked with Ben Weeks on the discussion last month if the Chapter needed to verify that all members had a motorcycle endorsement on their license. Ben said it is not a practice of HOG Chapters to police this issue. but road captains must have them. Sherry Jones will make a note in the newsletter that endorsements are needed on your license or they could face a 350.00 fine.

New business – Father Fred – Pin design to be in by Aprill 15th and voted on at the May meeting.

25th Anniversary of HOG – We can have 1 bike and driver/passenger to carry our flag in the parade. We will have a drawing to see who wins the opportunity to carry the flag at the. 105th. Anyone wishing to enter the drawing must email the webmaster or call to enter by Aprill 30. The drawing will be at the May 1st meeting. (Winner and runner up)

Thursday August 28th will be the Willey G award for the bike contest

 Ferry prices for the August trip: Badger ( they don’t supply tie downs and they’re getting booked up. 182.00 for 2 bikes and 2 people. ( is also getting booked 70 per person/ 50 per bike/ 10 per fuel surcharge/ 2.50 per port charge


Membership – Eric had gifts from Harley head quarters to pass out: patches, pins, and addendum to handbook for the officers.


 T-shirts/sweaters 25th anniversary logo on front Northern Chapter on the Back. 20 for the short sleeve shirts, 25 for long. Light weight sweatshirts 35 and heavy weight 45.We need 150 to order in any combo. Pins – 3.25 each have to order in groups of 100.00, possibly selling at the dealership. (Eric will ask Barb). Voted to order 100.00 pins and the chapter to pay, and then sell them.

Emails, what is permissible to send out to all Chapter members

 Rumble Bucks; Info on how to collect the savings will be posted in the newsletter.
Editor – Sherry to wrap up newsletter by Friday the 21st to have by Eric by Monday 24th.

Safety Officer – First new rider ride May 7th 6 pm at Classic
 Eric reported that we have 150 current members.
Chapter Picnic August 9th VFW? Check with Lou Woodrig

Activities Director –  April 27th Peninsula Grill 6:30, 2 on the Town
LOH – April 2nd dinner at Mackinaw Brewing / movie at the Opera house “Some Like it Hot”

Million Mile Monday June 30th have chapter organize a ride. Geezers are planning a ride during the day

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.