February 2008 Chapter Meeting

Northern Chapter Harley Owners Group

2/7/08 @ Peego’s


Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm – by Vicki Beam.


New Members were introduced: Larry & Jennifer Church; he is back from Iraq, they ride a 08 Ultra Classic.

Rachael Brehler (Lynn & Ken’s daughter) rides a sportster.


Michigan Chapter – Dealer Meeting in Lansing- Items discussed were the 25th Anniversary of Rendezvous, July 8th -13th. Goals for HOG – increase the miles for riding, and connect better with dealers.

Ohio State Rally June 26th - 28th
Pennsylvania 1st week in August


Have to key in ticket # from  $60 ticket to buy Springsteen tickets. Also have to have HOG card to get to Hog Island events off the coast from Milwaukee.


Business meeting 21st @ South City Limits 6:30 pm.


Directory discussion- home address and professions being added upon each member’s request.


Frank Schroeder – Leaving for the Merchant Marines in 10 days.


Head Road Captain ~ Brian Zionskowski: Brian spoke about a rider’s survival course being given. 1day basic training and 1 day advanced. But can’t do both, $45.00 basic/advanced


Raggs Pool Tournament 2/16 game of rotation, points makes it even for everyone. 2-6pm, 2 winners in semifinals.

Euchre Tournament at Steve @ Sherry’s 3/1 Please RSVP


Brimley- 14th of June

Father Fred July 19th – 20th


Safety ~ Mike O’Connor - Ride Like A Pro class possibly in the spring or fall. They need 12 people to have a class setup. We may be doing a refresher course at the Benzie parking lot before the official ride to the Trout Festival 26-27


Editor ~ Sherry Jones: Just got out of the hospital, and at home recuperating from major surgery. She needs articles and pictures for the newsletter.


Health and Welfare liaison ~ Deb Emanuel has volunteered. She will send e-mails, cards, etc. if she has the information about people that are sick or in the hospital.


New Member Liaison ~ 139 members so far, will check for suppliers for the 25th Anniversary chapter t-shirts. Eric also has the HOG book if anybody is interested on ordering anything.


Father Fred ~ Tara announced a meeting 2/14 @ Vicki’s office @ 5:30pm to put together a planning committee. Goal is to solicit sponsors and a contest for this year logo.


LOH ~ Laurie has 3/22 down for Massage @ Living Light, and April 15th for a Wine Tour of the Peninsula.  She needs confirmations to arrange a bus for the group.


Finance officer ~ Lew Kirchner- money is good so far.


Lynn Brehler - community event – Dave King  (Nurse at Munson) had a brain tumor and started to build a house and needs help finishing it. They need people to donate time and or resources. Helping kings @ gmail.com is the web address to volunteer.



Winners 50/50 ~ Lew Kirchner and Roger Yanska

 Winner Classic Gift Certificate ~ John Ockert


Meeting was adjourned at 8pm