August 7th Chapter Meeting

Peego’s 7:20 pm


Introduction of new members: Joanna DeBusschere, Tom & Rita Watts (ride a “06 Super Glide)


New Business:

July Father Fred Fundraiser – grossed over $21,000.00, net income was approx. $18,000.00. 684 registered participants/ 385 bikes for Sunday’s Peninsula ride.

Thank you to Tara & Michael for chairing the event & to Bob O. for coordinating the police presence.


Latest edition of Hog tales –Paul, Lew & Brian Z. mentioned in one of the articles.


Milwaukee – the website has a listing of other members and the times they plan to depart.

For those planning to spend the night in Escanaba, the Travel Lodge has rooms blocked off for the chapter.


Mark Winn hit a deer on his bike; he is in the hospital with minor injuries.

Chris Leroy’s mother was hurt in an auto accident; he will be quitting Classic to take care of her.

Our sympathies go out to Roger Z., his brother recently passed away.

George Reinbold broke his achilies heal, having to wear a cast for the summer.


Activities _ Jim Beam: passed out activities pins earned by various members.

Food sign up sheet being passed around for the Chapter picnic. Food can be dropped at the Beam’s or Purkisses the day before or that morning. Tent setup is at 7:00 pm.

Sept 20th Spent Shell Classic at the Maier’s in Brethren, bring a dish to pass if you can.


LOH – Laurie V. – 8/15/08 Friday night live, meet at Mackinaw Brewing 6:30 pm for dinner. 9/2 LOH ride from Classic, 9/19 scarf making party at Char’s.


Road captain – Brian Z. not able to attend, he just started a new job.


John Lefler – He and Kim are going on a ride to Saginaw on 8/16, it is a fund raiser for the Saginaw V. A. Kim is looking for sponsors, sign up sheet being passed around.


Raggs Mack – he and Paula will be heading up the fall food drive for the Salvation Army 1st weekend in Nov. More information will be available at the October Business meeting.

Winners ~50/50 (1 drawing) Roger Yanaska / Classic Cert. ~ Jeanette Sherman.